Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Concept Robot vehicle-Sketch

This is just a quick sketch of my first attempt at concept robots. Haven't had a chance to start creating until now. Still got a lot to learn.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Island Army Base-concept art

Influenced by Crysis game art, I decided to create my own island with army base.

Winter Mountaint Snow-concept environment

My latest in concept environments. I was practicing my new custom brushes and image overlays.

War Street-Post apocalyptic matte painting

My latest in matte painting. After watching some videos by Feng Zhu on creating post apocalyptic environments using matte painting techniques, I had to try out my own.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Creature Design-Concept Art

This creature design was influenced by techniques of Aaron Sims. After watching his dvds I had to try and draw a creature of my own.

Dead Bride-Character Design

When I started with this character design, I watched Aaron Sim's dvd. For those of you that don't know his style, let me explain. Sometimes he uses real images, overlaps them and creates very realistic characters. It's like matte painting for character designs. However,  this is not the only style he uses but I wanted to try something different because I love constantly exploring new techniques and styles to find my own.

Galloping Horse-Speed Painting

Here comes another speed painting.
As you already know, Whit Brachna is my favorite concept environment artist. He influenced me to work on this piece as well. Just like Asian Garden, I wanted to push brilliance of the colors. For this one, I wanted to include a horse. I wated to give a feel as if the viewer were hiding in the grass while quietly enjoying the freedom of a galloping horse.

Asian Garden-Speed Painting

Asian Garden was created when I started watching Whit Brachna's Speed Painting dvds. Those dvds are so awesome that I recommend them to others. Anyways, I like how this concept environment came out. I really played with adding a lot of saturation to push the brilliance of the colors. I love eye poping colors and I think this effect  makes this image awesome.

Speed Painting-Concept Environment-Ice Camp

This game environment is called Ice Camp. This time I've done 2 versions of these speed paintings just to show different conditions per say and color play. While the first image is only based on cool colors, second one also has warm colors integrated which gives more visual interest.

Jeffrey Donovan-Michael Westen of Burn Notice

I'm a huge fan of Burn Notice so I had to illustrate the main character of the show. Here is my portrait of Jeffrey Donovan as Michael Westen of Burn Notice. I also used Photoshop for this portrait.

Speed Painting-Concept Environment-Green Island

Here is my most recent concept environment-speed painting. It's called Green Island. I've used Photoshop to achieve this images after being influenced by Whit Brachna's videos.